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Mission Shop: Fishtown, Philadelphia

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What is the Mission Shop?

How does the Mission Shop help people?

How can I help?

The Mission Shop is a branch of Bethel International Missions Center, a church and organization located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pa. The goal of the Mission Shop is to raise funds and awareness for missionaries that are located throughout the world.

The profit from the Mission Shop is sent to various individuals and families around the globe. Some are saving women from prostitution, while others are building community centers for those devastated by HIV/AIDS. But they all have one commonality. They are proclaiming the message of Jesus, which we know has the ability to change any life.

Currently, there are three avenues to help:

  1. Continue to shop at the Mission Shop, or online in our eBay store here.
  2. Tell your friends about us.
  3. Donate in the section down below.

The Partnership Program

What does it mean to be a “Partner”? It is basically someone who wants to be more involved with the store then just a once in a while shopper. Partners are those who agree and support what the Mission Shop is trying to accomplish, and additionally want to be up to date on the happens in the store and organization, and get some nice perks as well.

The benefits:

Our partners automatically get a 15% discount on any in-store shopping that they do!

Additionally, partners also receive the opportunity to fill out a personalized survey that will tell our clothing buyers what exactly they are looking to have in our store. When a new item comes in that matches your unique preference and style, and is of course in your size, then you will receive an email notification so that you can have first dibs on it! Partners have their shopping done for them, essentially.

Finally, partners have the opportunity to sign up for our email newsletter – this will give them a deeper, behind the scenes look at what is going on in our organization beyond our usual monthly goals and updates.

The requirements:

One thing we ask our partners to do is very simple – just like and share our social media pages!

The second thing that we ask our partners to do is to refer a friend. Your shopping appointment does not necessarily have to be just for you, groups or a few individuals are welcome. If you know anyone else that might resonate with our ambitions, and that likes luxury clothing at affordable prices, we want to meet them!