Missionary in Maputo, Mozambique

Past: Mozambique is a country located in the southeastern section of the African continent – after being a colony of Portugal from the late 15th century, the nation gained independence in 1975 after a series of diplomatic advances set off by the use of guerrilla warfare against Portuguese rule. The nation quickly erupted into a civil war, which lasted from 1977-1992, resulting in the deaths of approximately one million Mozambicans over the course of the year. This was the same time period where AIDS started to break into the scene, and it quickly spread into Mozambique on its rampage throughout Africa.

Current: Bethel is working with Pastor Eduardo as he works directly with those families and individuals that are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Specifically, he is ministering to the youth of the area in a location close to the capital, and is working on developing a number of small projects to create a sense of Christian community and fellowship – he is currently building a school/community center for the people he is working with.

Future: Eduardo has been in Africa for five years. He himself has gotten malaria 3 times, and his son has gotten it twice. Continue to pray for his family and his own health, and the work in Mozambique – that God would reach into the brokenness that has covered Africa for so long.

Update as of 4/17:

Recently we have been able to provide Eduardo with the funds he required to start the renovation of the space he was planning on using as a kitchen for his community care center. You can see in the pictures that the space is fully operational and that it is already being put to good use to feed some of the local children that use the center for support. Please contain to pray for the work in Mozambique, and if you so desire, continue to give!