Bororo People in Dourados, Mato Grosso, Brazil

History: The Bororo Tribe are an indigenous people group that has resided in the southern most area of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso for as long they have been know of to the western world. As of 2010, the tribe has about 1,500 members that are spread through approximately 8 villages. The tribe once was a hunter-gatherer group, but due to increased modernization and the spread of civilization, most of the tribe’s historical land has been taken by the Brazilian government or others, and the Bororo live in a melting pot of ancient, tribal culture and modern Western practice. They have combined the traditional living conditions of mud huts and small shacks with the worst parts of Western Civilization – namely substance abuse, alcoholism, suicide, and prostitution; all of which are rampantly and maliciously tearing apart the physical, mental, and spiritual state of the Bororo.

Current: In July of 2016, BIMC sent a team of mainly young adult aged church members to go to a Bororo Reservation located in the town of Dourados – to provide not only practical assistance in basic needs, but also to bring the message of life and hope that was ushered in when Jesus died on the cross for all of humanity, the Bororo tribe included. We do not want to stop with just a short term mission trip, though.

Future: Our hope for 2017 is to continue to aid the Bororo tribe through missionaries in the area – but the goal is not simply humanitarian. BIMC’s desire is to use the resources we have to foster a center of Christian community in the Bororo tribe through opportunities like soccer clubs and food drives, all of which will be platforms to proclaim the gospel. If all we do is feed and cloth their bodies, they are still going to be plagued internally by the toxic emotional and mental environment that surrounds them. However, if we show them that through Christ life has purpose and meaning, then that toxin can be cured, and life can enter in to stay.