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June 2017 Project: Update on Sending Instruments to Haiti


With the funds that we raised, we were able to send 50 flute recorders to the Remix Music Program run by MORE Haiti. This was a large help for their program, and you can read about their gratitude and thankfulness in the letter that one of their representatives wrote us, which is down below. The recorders will be used to help practice basic music skills and for the ministry to help form a children’s orchestra branch of their program as well.


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June 2017 Project: Sending Instruments to Haiti

For the month of June, the goal is to send musical instruments to our contact in Haiti to help with the Remix School, or the School of Impact, that is located there. The School of Impact is a branch of MORE, a ministry based out of Brazil that has a desire to help the suffering church around the world. They have numerous satellite locations in countries from Colombia to Southeast Asia and have various types of programs and ministries for those areas. In Haiti, MORE has community development, small business investment, children’s ministry, medical assistance, and leadership training programs all to aid in meeting various needs that the island nation still has following the 2010 earthquake, all of which are run and operated by local missionaries. The School of Impact that we are funding this month has a goal of teaching the locals music in an effort to share the gospel with them. Donate down below to help this project!

If you are interested in learning more about MORE you can check out their website here.

Additionally, for the next few months, we will be focusing on Haiti as our project center. There is a local orphanage that we are going to be partnering with (separate from MORE) and sending funds over to so that they can get their facility to a much better situation than it is in now. We sent over one of our workers to meet with our contact in Haiti who showed us around the orphanage. We have put together a trailer to show you what the current standing of the orphanage is and the sections of it that we would like to fix.




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