Taty Araujo is a Brazilian women in her early-mid twenties. She has left her home to travel thousands of miles to Thailand, to preach the gospel to the community surrounding the mountain Doi Mae Salong near the Burmese border. She is focusing her efforts on evangelizing young women in the area and also reaching their families. She is operating in close proximity to the city of Chiang Rai, the northernmost large city in Thailand with about 1.1 million people. Her work is important because, with a commercial center close by, the temptation for young women to involve themselves in prostitution is very strong. It is often seen as a viable route for women that are not offered much in education and who have to support their families.

Thailand could be considered the leading nation in the industry of “sex tourism”. In theory, prostitution is illegal but it is not enforced at all by the government, due to the income it produces for the nation. Culturally it is even seen as mildly acceptable; women are naturally viewed as lesser then men, and additionally it is the obligation of the children in Thai society to take care of their parents. This usually ends up being the responsibility of the youngest, unmarried daughter; and prostitution is the best income stream for someone who grew up with little to no education.

Home of Grace is acting to bring young women to Jesus before they get involved in the sex trade, and provide a caring, Christ-centered home for them to live and learn in. Providing food and a room for one girl to stay in the house for a whole month costs $80. Please consider donating to support Home of Grace and their amazing, yet challenging mission.