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“Just because it is not possible to do everything, it is not justified to do nothing.”

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What is Bethel International Missions Center?

BIMC is a church located in the Fox Chase area of Pennsylvania, right outside of Northeast Philadelphia. It is a congregation of believers that abide by the principles to, “Worship God, Empower the Saints, Evangelize the Sinner, Be a Biblical Church, Welcome Everyone, Focus on Missions, and Disciple the Believer”. We are dedicated to the fostering of Christian community and the spreading of the Gospel, which we know is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe – be it a teenager in Philadelphia, or a elderly women in Maputo. We use the connections that we have across the globe to bring that message to as many people as possible.

Why Jesus?

Bethel International Missions Center is a church, which means that we promote and proclaim the message of Jesus. But, why do we think that is important? And why should we be using our time and resources to spread it?

The message of Jesus is, in the simplest terms, this: Humanity is made in the image of God. God is good, righteous, and perfect. We are valued, created, and purposeful beings. We were designed to be in real relationship with God. However, our decisions have separated us from him. We are inherently unable to maintain the same level of perfection that God has. No one disputes that people, ourselves included, are flawed in some capacity. We live our lives in a quest to achieve perfection, but can obviously never reach it. So, is that it? God created humans so that he could scoff at them as they struggle forever to reach his level?

No, that is not it. God sent His son in the form of a man. He was fully God, but also fully man – equally bearing each part. God came down to us, he did not stay far. He then lived the perfect life we are all trying to live, and then was put to death by his own countrymen for upsetting the status quo of religious rule and practice. Then, three days later he rose from the grave, appeared to many, and ascended into heaven, promising to return.

Why does this matter? If our wrong deeds and character have separated us from God and we had no ability on our own to rebuild that relationship, someone else had to do it for us. And it could only be someone who was not separated from God. They had to be perfect. And that person was Jesus. The judgement given for our sins was death. Not just physical, but spiritual – total death. Jesus, being perfect, was able to die for humanity, and all those who accept that act are covered by His death. They are forgiven their wrongs. The sentence is released. The effects of their past sins are healed and redeemed, and they find the life that we are all looking for. That is why the message is important. Because it makes humanity whole. 


Why give to Bethel International Mission Center?

As a smaller operation, we have less overhead than larger ones. Therefore, we have the means to get the majority of your gift into the hands of those that you want to help. Your donation is not lost in some office bureaucracy or hierarchy. We pay our bills, and we support those we partner with. It is as simple as that.

By giving, you are demonstrating a desire to love in a physical and meaningful way. You are taking what you have and the resources you have spent time earning and deciding to give that to someone else. You are not only giving your money, but the time it took to acquire it. In essence, you are sharing part of your life, and we appreciate that.

We are only able to help a certain number of people with the resources we have, but we believe God has directed us to that specific group of people. By giving, you are partnering with the work we believe God has given us to do on the earth.

Ready to give?

Monthly Projects:

August and September Project 2017: Fundraising and Evangelism in Local Church

For the month of August and Septemeber, we decided to focus on our backyard and minister to the local community in Northeast Philadelphia. We sent out members of our congregation to go out into the surrounding area and sign up our neighbors for food orders, which we then cooked up and delivered to them. Doing this helps us in two ways - it allows us to raise funds for further ministry endeavors and also to evangelism to those that we are selling the food too.

July 2017 Project: Supporting Anapolis Sister Church

In July of 2017, we sent a team member to Anápolis, Brazil to assist our sister church that is located there. Our team member mainly worked with reformating the infrastructure, providing spiritual support, and helping with the development of the new church building that we have assisted with in the past. We hope to see them continue to grow in the coming years, and are excited for what is going on in Anápolis.

June 2017 Project: Update on Sending Instruments to Haiti

  With the funds that we raised, we were able to send 50 flute recorders to the Remix Music Program run by MORE Haiti. This was a large help for their program, and you can read about their gratitude and thankfulness in the letter that one of their representatives wrote us, which is down below. The recorders will be used to help practice basic music skills and for the ministry to help form a children's orchestra branch of their program as well.  

June 2017 Project: Sending Instruments to Haiti

For the month of June, the goal is to send musical instruments to our contact in Haiti to help with the Remix School, or the School of Impact, that is located there. The School of Impact is a branch of MORE, a ministry based out of Brazil that has a desire to help the suffering church around the world. They have numerous satellite locations in countries from Colombia to Southeast Asia and have various types of programs and ministries for those areas. In Haiti, MORE has community development, small business investment, children's ministry, medical assistance, and leadership training programs all to aid in meeting various needs that the island nation still has following the 2010 earthquake, all of which are run and operated by local missionaries. The School of Impact that we are funding this month has a goal of teaching the locals music in an effort to share the gospel with them. Donate down below to help this project! If you are interested in learning more about MORE you can check out their website here. Additionally, for the next few months, we will be focusing on Haiti as our project center. There is a local orphanage that we are going to be partnering with (separate from MORE) and sending funds over to so that they can get their facility to a much better situation than it is in now. We sent over one of our workers to meet with our contact in Haiti who showed us around the orphanage. We have put together a trailer to show you what the current standing of the orphanage is and the sections of it that we would like to fix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gahNXRbSCIo&feature=youtu.be      

May 2017 Project: Continuing the work in Mozambique

Eduardo and his family have their visas up for renewal, but they could use some financial assistance in the process. They have already been a large blessing to the community with this school that we have been assisting in the renovation of, and they want nothing more to continue to work and minister in the area. Donate now so that Eduardo can remain in country fulfilling his God-given mission and purpose!  

March and April 2017 Project: Helping Sister Church Build New Sanctuary

This month's project is to help our sister church in Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil. They are in the process of building a new sanctuary for their gathering times and we are very excited about it. If you would like to donate to help, the form is down below.


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